We are Nebula Data Intel.

Nebula Data Intel is a new initiative providing specialty-specific intelligent medical data generated by participating outpatient surgical centers. The broad range of information allows benchmarking and tracking of trends on surgical outcomes, supply usage, and patient satisfaction. The data is collected from outpatient surgery facilities nationwide.

Who can participate?

Any outpatient surgical center accredited by a recognized accreditation organization is invited to participate. Participation is voluntary and costs nothing. All data is de-identified and HIPAA compliant.

NDI is being offered to all accredited outpatient surgical centers, regardless of accreditation organization.

Participation by surgical facilities is voluntary and costs nothing.

NDI provides the medical industry with core competencies delivered by proven industry experts like no other intelligent medical data.

The data is beneficial for medical societies, physicians, clinicians, health insurance companies, medical manufacturing companies, and other medical professionals.

Nebula Data Intel is a unique initiative designed to combine multiple data streams to identify trends and drive informed decision making - in ways previously unavailable. This medical intelligence can be utilized throughout the healthcare industry. It’s an exciting program that focuses on improving patient safety through data intelligence.

Dr. David C. WattsAAAASF’s Board of Directors President and CEO of Nebula Data Intel, LLC.
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