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What is Nebula Data Intel (NDI)?

Nebula Data Intel, LLC., powered, in part by, the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), is a new, data collection program that collects outpatient surgery facilities’ clinical and operational data to deliver value and key insights like never before. NDI will provide meaningful insights to patient safety, benchmarking data, medical outcomes, product usage, and patient satisfaction in aggregate and by specialty.

Where does Nebula Data Intel get its data?

The data is collected from participating outpatient surgery facilities during outpatient surgical procedures. Data is obtained for multiple specialties. All data is de-identified and HIPAA compliant.

How do I know the data is statistically relevant?

We have partnered with Harvard statisticians to maximize the data value and to ensure that the data is statistically relevant.

What benefit will the data provide?

The data will provide insight on usage and consumption; outcomes; operating costs, benchmarking including cases, procedures, complication rates and customer satisfaction insights for your specialty. This data, in aggregation, will help drive informed decisions and new efficiencies.


Is NDI’s data HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All data is de-identified and HIPAA compliant.

What is NDI’s quality control check for the data?

To ensure the data is relevant and statistically significant, it will be internally monitored for quality control and random samples will be audited for QA. 

Do I have to be AAAASF-accredited to participate?

No. Participation is 100 percent voluntary. It is not required that you are AAAASF-accredited to participate.


Will I receive compensation for participating?

Yes, facilities will be compensated based on the frequency and amount of data provided (once Nebula Data Intel begins to generate revenue).

What’s in it for the facility?

  1. The data collected, aggregated, and provided back to the facilities via a dashboard. Insights can help drive patient safety improvements.
  2. The facility will gain increased operating efficiencies from automation and process improvement (ability to identify product usage).
  3. Competitive advantages driven by peer innovations and outcomes (benchmarking technology).
  4. Facilities and physicians will be able to spot and react to practice trends early by reviewing the data provided.
  5. Purchasing Leverage. We are exploring a group purchasing option so facilities can price compare.

Will NDI improve cost efficiency for my facility?

There are inventory management improvement opportunities and increased buying power via a future group purchasing option.

How does NDI make a profit?

Patient safety is our number one mission and to continue the legacy of AAAASF we created NDI as a separate for profit company so that we can continue to drive that mission at an even higher level.

NDI profits, as a company, by packaging and selling the data it collects. This data will be sold to companies to provide insights into medicine that are unavailable today. The unique combination of the multiple data sets allow analysis that will be used to improve patient safety and elevate medicine. Sales of the data will provide the revenue needed to be able to develop the technology and provide the facilities the needed equipment and benchmarking at no charge.


Is NDI easy to implement?

We recognize that collection of the data must be seamless and non-disruptive for ease of use by facility staff and does not disrupt workflow.

We have designed a simple collection process involving a scanner and preference card. A scan is taken of the core supply template and specialty items are tallied at end of the day. We provide a scanner and preference cards as well as training and support to the facilities — free of charge.

Exactly what type of data will be collected from the facility?

Data collection is easily collected by scanning a barcode or clicking one button. Full data requirements are still being evaluated; however, the information collected will be transformed into unique preference cards for your facility and procedures.

  • Demographics information:
    • Location
    • Specialty type
    • Facility size
    • Case type/CPT code
    • Length of case: Open surgical long, open surgical short, or procedural
  • Usage data:
    • Products, equipment
    • Sales data
    • Real-time pricing
    • Performance data
    • Surgical efficiency

What do facilities need to provide to get started?

  • Sample preference cards
  • Invoices for supplies
  • Working contact person or persons

What do we provide to facilities?

  • Bar-coded preference cards specific to their practice
  • Scanner
  • Training & ongoing support
  • Dedicated specialist for outstanding customer service

What will the data show?

  • Facilities’ benchmarking data including cases, procedures, complications rates, by specialty.
  • Benchmarking of patient satisfaction outcomes.
  • Opportunities for increased operating efficiencies from automation and process improvement.
  • The data will also allow medical staff to spot and react to practice trends early.

What if we agree to sign up and then decide not to participate any longer?

Participation is voluntary. Please see your NDI Data Sharing Agreement for information on Terms and Termination.

Do we have to pay for the scanner?

  • No, the equipment necessary to participate in the program, along with the education and support, will be provided free of charge.
  • The scanner and preference cards will be provided at the time the program is ready to go live.
  • Minimal time commitment to the facility (it’s as easy as scanning a bar code off of a preference card which only takes a few seconds).

How do facilities submit the data?

Data will be electronically submitted via the cloud. The goal is for little to no disruption to your facility.

What is the process for obtaining the preference cards?

We will work with you to provide customized preference cards for your facility. NDI only needs your current preference cards and supply invoices. 

How will this affect the accreditation?

This is separate from accreditation, does not affect the accreditation with AAAASF, and is entirely voluntary.